Affiliate Program

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Thank you for your interest in the fbNicheFinder affiliate program.

Below is an outline describing the program:


  • Affiliate Definition


    • Affiliates are independent contactors.


  • Affiliate Requirements


    • Must have an fbNicheFinder account. An
      account is created when purchasing an fbNicheFinder license.


    • Completed IRS Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer
      Identification Number and Certification (see attached pdf


    • PayPal email address for payments


  • Commissions and Payments


    • Paid for new licensees only (no


    • Paid via PayPal in US dollars (Payments
      in other currencies are available, if PayPal provides the conversion to
      and the payment of the requested currency. Conversion rates and calculations
      are strictly determined by PayPal at the time of payment)


    • Paid on 10th of month following a 90
      day hold period


    • Affiliate is responsible for charge


    • Schedule:


      • $60 Commission for a $147.00 One (1)
        Year License Sale


      • $100 Commission for a $247 Two (2)
        Year License Sale


    • Campaigns:


      • One or more campaigns can be defined
        to allow for tracking sales and commissions from different groups or


      • All campaigns must be approved by


  • Sales Tracking


    • Sales are tracked by Campaign.


    • Sales tracking is done via an affiliate
      code and a cookie on the potential buyer’s computer to store an affiliate


    • The affiliate’s cookie is good for 30
      days (as long as the cookie is not deleted by the potential buyer, or
      replaced by another affiliate’s code)


    • An affiliate can use any fbNicheFinder
      webpage address and their affiliate and campaign codes as a landing page
      for potential buyers (i.e.


    • If available, an affiliate can specify
      a personalized web addresses that would be redirected to the
      fbNicheFinder sales page. (i.e. would be redirected to


    • Affiliate sales reports can be
      accessed by signing in to their account at and then
      clicking the My Accounts>Affiliates>Reports menu item.


    • Affiliate campaigns can be added or
      modified by signing in to their account at and then
      clicking the My Accounts>Affiliates>Campaigns menu item.


Daniel R. Fortney