Restrictions, Disclaimers and Refund Policy

fbNicheFinder relies on Facebook to work properly. However, we can not predict what Facebook will do in the future. If Facebook does something that affects how fbNicheFinder works, we will provide a maintenance fix as soon as possible.

fbNicheFinder tries to comply with Facebook’s terms of service. Due to the fickle nature of Facebook, we can not, at any time, guarantee fbNicheFinder is compliant with Facebook’s terms of service. Therefore, you are using fbNicheFinder at your own risk.<\p>

To keep unscrupulous people from purchasing, using, and returning fbNicheFinder for a refund, any licensing fees are nonrefundable with the exception where we are unable to keep fbNicheFinder working by providing maintenance fixes. In that case, any paid fee will be refunded on a monthly prorated basis (Refund = Fee * Number of Months Left in License Duration / Total Months License Duration).

Each License is a single (one seat) license, allowing the purchaser the right to install and run fbNicheFinder on one (1) computer using a unique Username. When fbNicheFinder is first registered, it is identified or branded to the unique Username and computer being used. After branding, fbNicheFinder only runs with the same Username and computer identified during the initial branding process. If fbNicheFinder is to run on multiple computers, then multiple licenses, purchased under unique Usernames, are required. To move or reinstall fbNicheFinder, it must first be unbranded. fbNicheFinder can be unbranded three (3) times during a yearly license cycle. A yearly license cycle begins when fbNicheFinder is first branded. After unbranding fbNicheFinder three (3) times during a yearly license cycle, all subsequent unbrandings require a minimum service fee of $50.

If you do not understand or agree with all of the above statements, DO NOT purchase a license AND DO NOT expect fbNicheFinder employees, contractors, or any one associated with fbNicheFinder to be responsible in any way for how you use fbNicheFinder.