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Miracle Wanzo

I want to tell you guys about a tool I’ve been using…


…the reason I like it is because it pulls interests from the actual ads API, not the graph. Its super frustrating, to use a tool that searches the graph only to find interests that you can’t use, because they aren’t in the ads API.


The developer is not a typical IM guy and primarily developed it for his own use, and has been extremely open to suggestions for improvements (and added two that I suggested).


It’s not the be-all-end-all (but I REALLY LIKE IT THOUGH) but if you’re like me and you’re still trying out a lot of different niches, it really cuts down the research time and keeping it open lets you check and see the interests of something without having to sift through audience insights or open up ads manager/power editor to see if the interests are there.


I am LOVING THIS SOFTWARE! Thanks so much!


Still having fun with it.


I like the 3 column layout! great work!


You’ve built a great tool and you’ve been great to work with. Glad I could help.


Glyn Williams

I use this and it’s fast becoming my go to tool for interests – unlike all the other c**p it is actually interests that it finds.


This software is kinda bad ass now :). I’m finding myself using nothing else. Thanks for working so hard!


The precise filter has already made me hundreds of dollars so a big thanks for that!<\p>


Demetrius Singleton

Brilliant! I got it installed, I’ll keep you updated! I’ll be doing more niche research tomorrow.


Thank you for the awesome software. It’s changed my work flow and has saved time.


You seriously give some of the best support, which is why your product is the only one I use for fb interest research.


Dustin Fortin

Awesome thank you very much, i am very excited about the potential of this software 🙂


Erik Hegely

Seems to be working flawlessly here on my iMac.


Gus Kamassah

I will want to take this opportunity to complement you about your support.


I bought a software online this week and was having issues getting it to work. The vendor flat out told me I could be 5% of the buyers having issues and wasn’t going to waste time looking into it and offered to get me a refund.


So thanks again for the recent assistance.


Kevin Vititoe

Yes, love this tool! At first I didn’t get what it was doing, then re-watched the videos. Had the Ah-ha moment (not the 80’s band) and was tearing it up. Thanks!


Rehan Zaidi

This is terrific! Thank you for incorporating both features so soon.


Scott Linklate

This is a freaking awesome bit of software…just watched the tutorials and love what this can do! Well done!


Quick story. I’m working with a small business who sells B2B and was struggling to build an ad audience for them over the last few days.


As soon as I saw your email I fired up FB Niche finder and put it to work and within 15 minutes I had over 50 terms to drop into power editor that produced:

– 22,500 people on Facebook within 10 miles that had an interest in or liked pages to do with around 50 terms related or were their job titles.


– 3,500 of those were considered small business owners by Facebook.


– 8,800 people on Facebook within 3 miles that had an interest in or liked pages to do with around 50 terms related or were their job titles.


– 1,300 of those were considered small business owners by Facebook.

This is in Australia out in the country / outer outer suburbs! I was blown away! I was not able to get near these results without your tool!!

It’s awesome and it does exactly what it is meant to and that is rare in the IM space.


Thanks again, great job mate.


Tonia Lysandrou

Just signed up… Anything that helps with research and targeting I welcome with open arms.


Have just tried fbNicheFinder and absolutely love the new features, especially the filtering “Results” section where we can add keywords. Great stuff!


You’re doing a fantastic job with fbNicheFinder Dan and I’m so glad to be a part of it.